I’m Iris (Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu)

It’s been 3 months from the first time I was here. It’s too fast. I studied not really hard, but I learn a lot of things here. I studied not only English but also playing golf. Iloilo is nice city, every body is friendly.

I’m Tina from Vietnam. I had 12 weeks in CNC. I arrived Philippines in rainy season. The weather was not good. It rained cat and dog. The weather changed very often. So I used to get sick for long time.

I had a great opportunity at CNC Academy. I stayed here for 8 weeks and learned ESL course. Tutors and staff are very kind and friendly. They made great effort to support my learning. The good thing was they respected my demands and focused on what I want to learn.

My name is Kate. Before I came here, I wasn’t confident with my English skills. During in CNC I became more confident in speaking , grew a wider range of vocabulary. I enjoyed the small classes. The teachers were nice, patient.

Hi , I’m a Vietnamese student come to CnC Language Center to study IELTS. I already finished the course and I got IELTS score I want. Cnc Language Center is a good school for me. Managers, tutors, helpers, cashiers … everybody are friendly, kind and enthusiasm.

Hi, I’m Serena. I’m a Vietnamese IELTS student studying in CNC for 12 weeks.
For me, the time I spent in there is valuable. Actually, when I come here, my English level is low and I do not expect too much, but after spending first month in CNC, my English improved a lot

Hi. My name is Quoc Anh. After i studied IELTS in CNC for 3 months, I had a lot of beautiful memories that I cannot forget. Base on my experience here, CNC is one of the best places to study IELTS because they have good methods to teach.

Để nói vài  điều về C&C và các giáo viên ở đây thì thật là khó. Nhưng tôi sẽ cố gắng để miêu tả về nó. Điều đầu tiên, tôi qua Philippine học tiếng Anh sau khi tốt nghiệp THCS. Cha tôi đã chi một khoản tiền khá lớn để tôi có thể qua đây học.

Xin chào tất cả mọi người! Tôi là Khanh. Tôi đã từng học tại CNC Language center – Philippine. Tôi học chương trình IELTS. Lần đầu tiên khi tôi đến đây, cảm nhận của tôi về nơi này rất bình thường, chẳng có gì đặc biệt. Nhưng khi tôi được học, tiếp xúc với các giáo viên dạy IELTS, tôi đã nhận ra rằng họ quả thực là những người có chuyên môn cao!