Hi , I’m a Vietnamese student come to CnC Language Center to study IELTS. I already finished the course and I got IELTS score I want. Cnc Language Center is a good school for me. Managers, tutors, helpers, cashiers … everybody are friendly, kind and enthusiasm.

For studying, lesson and tutors are good. Tutor teach me slowly and carefully.Schedule is suitable for student and time study in class is enough. In library, silent and clean make me feel comfortable to study. Books for IELTS are cheap and usefull.  For food, first time I can not ate the food because little salty but after many Vietnamese told with manager every month in cafeteria changed taste. Dormitory and security are good also nothing comment. For managers, they always listen student and help student. After 4 months I can got IELTS score I want.

Thank you CnC Language Center!!!!!

Ngô Thị Bích Ngọc (Mary) học IELTS 20 tuần
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